How It Works

pigapple animation

password: howitworks This spec video for IFC and Sonos was created by UCB Comedy. It features animated sequences by Mack Williams.

A Brief History of PG-13

pigapple animation, best of, mack favs

Mack Williams directed and animated this cartoon about the history of the PG-13 rating for Pitchfork/Dell. The short is based on a Dissolve article written by Chris Klimek. For a behind the scenes look at the creation of this cartoon, check out this video.

Broad City

pigapple animation, best of, visual effects

Mack Williams and Ed Mundy created the animated Dog Wedding evite for this episode of Comedy Central’s Broad City, and Ed did the VFX screen replacement for the TV and laptop.


pigapple animation, best of, mack favs

“Helpful Critters” is a commercial created in collaboration with Doner and directed/animated by Mack. A 30 second version was shown on Gas Station TV, a network that broadcasts content directly to gas pumps across the nation.

Marc Maron

pigapple animation

Marc Maron recounts some of his favorite musician interviews, including talking with a shirtless Iggy Pop in his garage. Directed and animated by Mack Williams for Pitchfork TV.

pigapple animation

This commercial was directed and animated by Mack for Mandalay Sports Media and Sundance. Our favorite part is when all the food falls out of the sky.

The Idiot’s Guide to Smart People

pigapple animation

Mack and Ed shared directing and animation duties on this 9-part web series for Above Average. The Idiot’s Guide to Smart People covers a wide range of topics, including politics, religion, sports, art and sex. The series was created and written by our good friends The Bilderbergers. Check out more episodes here.

NickMom On

pigapple animation

This show open was created for a series of specials on NickMom. It was animated by Mack Williams.


pigapple animation, directing

“Toymageddon” is the first single off the upcoming album 2776, which brings comedians and musicians together on a journey through the first millennium of American history. It was animated and directed by Ed Mundy.


pigapple animation

The boys of Wavves steal cocaine from a drug dealer and have themselves some fun in Las Vegas. Directed and animated by Mack Williams for Pitchfork TV.