Pig Apple teamed up with Surrender Pictures to create this animated short detailing the work of influential Bauhaus artist Lázló Maholy-Nagy. The piece was created for Sotheby’s to promote the sale of one of Maholy-Nagy’s most well known works of art, “EM 1 Telephonbild”. The piece eventually sold for $6,087,500 USD, which makes us wish we’d them charged more. Directed … Read More

A Brief History of Dad Rock

Part two of Pitchfork’s Brief History… series chronicles the rise of “dad rock.” This animated short was produced by Pig Apple and directed by Mack Williams.

The Lonely Island

The latest chapter in the partnership between Pig Apple and Pitchfork features The Lonely Island. This branded content short, directed by Mack Williams, was created to promote the motion picture Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. As of July 2016, it’s received nearly 350,000 views on YouTube.

The Screen Test

Mack Williams created vfx for TruTV’s Late Night Snack series, The Screen Test. Check out this hilarious commercial for an Italian restaurant. The series was created by our friend and talented filmmaker, Edmond Hawkins.

Heads of Space

Heads of Space is one of Pig Apple’s largest project to date. This 13-episode web series was created in partnership with Plop Contenido and Udisea. After a giant asteroid threatens to wipe out life on earth, the 2016 US Presidential candidates blast off for Mars. The series animation was produced by Pig Apple and directed by Mack Williams. Watch all … Read More

How It Works

password: howitworks This spec video for IFC and Sonos was created by UCB Comedy. It features animated sequences by Mack Williams.

Meeting Your Future Self

In this epic rom-com-docu-drama, comedian Paul Gale encounters his time-traveling future self. Featuring nifty time portals and visual effects created by Mack Williams.

Iron Bow

Mack Williams created the motion graphics animation in this video for Hiccup Media and Iron Bow Technologies.

The Worldwide Bloodstream

Mack Williams and Ed Mundy created the animated Dog Wedding evite for this episode of Comedy Central’s Broad City, and Ed did the VFX screen replacement for the TV and laptop.


“Helpful Critters” is a commercial created in collaboration with Doner and directed/animated by Mack. A 30 second version was shown on Gas Station TV, a network that broadcasts content directly to gas pumps across the nation.