Monster Foodies

pigapple best of, visual effects

Pig Apple has provided various VFX for Sesame Street for the past few seasons. Check out our work on “Monster Foodies” above.

Limits Like Fears

pigapple visual effects

This spec commercial features visual effects and compositing by Pig Apple. It was written and directed by John Ryan Johnson.

The Screen Test

pigapple visual effects

Mack Williams created vfx for TruTV’s Late Night Snack series, The Screen Test. Check out this hilarious commercial for an Italian restaurant. The series was created by our friend and talented filmmaker, Edmond Hawkins.

The Universe

pigapple visual effects

Ed Mundy helped reveal the truth about the universe for this sketch for Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer. Shot entirely on green screen, Ed created the VFX (with yogurt shop, gym, and living room sets designed by Vanessa Riegel), the sketch co-stars Bill Nye, Amber Tamblyn, and Broad City’s Abbi and Ilana.

Broad City

pigapple animation, best of, visual effects

Mack Williams and Ed Mundy created the animated Dog Wedding evite for this episode of Comedy Central’s Broad City, and Ed did the VFX screen replacement for the TV and laptop.