Silver Gleaming Death Machine

Pig Apple animation

Pig Apple provided some avian animation for this short film, directed by Tuff Contender‘s Joe Mischo, and written by GUYDEAS. We encourage you to watch the whole film, but our animation begins around 7:15. Enjoy! Starring: Rhian Rees, Shane Coffey, and Harrison Taylor Directed by Joe Mischo Written by GUYDEAS Executive Producers: Joe Mischo, DJay Brawner, Mike Lev Producer: Cookie … Read More


Pig Apple animation

Pig Apple partnered with Complex & Gushers to provide animation for this custom sneaker reveal. RAL7000Studio in Italy created this Gushers-inspired sneaker released through the metaverse at Complexland 2022, and Pig Apple was tasked with imagining and executing the Willy Wonka acid trip b-roll showing how the candy-coated shoe was constructed.

Uncle Glock

Pig Apple animation, best of

WARNING: NSFW LANGUAGE! The character of Uncle Glock was designed and animated by Pig Apple for The Problem with Jon Stewart on Apple TV+.

Smokin’ Ed Currie | Hot Ones

Pig Apple animation

Pig Apple recently joined the Hot Ones family, providing animation for this interview with Smokin’ Ed Currie, the inventor of the Carolina Reaper and the world’s preeminent pepper mad scientist. Check out our animated contributions starting around 6:00 into the video.


Pig Apple animation

Working with our good friends at the Sesame Workshop, Pig Apple designed and animated the retro video game-style animation in this episode of Helpsters on AppleTV+.


Pig Apple animation

Pig Apple turned Jeff Pickles’s puppet, Maestro Pimento Fermata, into a ’90s style cereal mascot for this Best-O’s commercial, seen in season 2, episode 7 of Showtime’s Kidding.

The Get Down

Pig Apple animation, best of, mack favs

Pig Apple produced and directed all of the cartoon sequences in The Get Down part 2, for Sony Pictures Television and Netflix. We worked directly with co-creator and executive producer Baz Luhrmann to create a stylized, animated universe featuring many of the live action characters from the show. The only way to see these animated sequences is to become a … Read More

Humble Dray

Pig Apple animation, best of

This music video parody of Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” was animated by Pig Apple, written by Patrick Noth, and produced by Athletes Underground.