Monster Foodies

Pig Apple best of, visual effects

Pig Apple has provided various VFX for Sesame Street for the past few seasons. Check out our work on “Monster Foodies” above.


Pig Apple best of, directing

Confused about how the world works? This revolutionary new startup will send an authentic Millenial to your home or place of business to explain things to you! Produced by Pig Apple / Written and directed by Trevor Williams

The Get Down

Pig Apple animation, best of, mack favs

Password: $haolinfanta$tic Pig Apple produced and directed all of the cartoon sequences in The Get Down part 2, for Sony Pictures Television and Netflix. We worked directly with co-creator and executive producer Baz Luhrmann to create a stylized, animated universe featuring many of the live action characters from the show. The only way to see these animated sequences is to … Read More

Humble Dray

Pig Apple animation, best of

This music video parody of Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” was animated by Pig Apple, written by Patrick Noth, and produced by Athletes Underground.

TripTank: Fishing Buddies

Pig Apple animation, best of

Pig Apple produced a series of three animated shorts for this season of TripTank on Comedy Central. In each chapter, the Buddies joke with each other while fishing, golfing, and hunting… until one of them takes things too far!