TripTank: Fishing Buddies

Pig Apple produced a series of three animated shorts for this season of TripTank on Comedy Central. In each chapter, the Buddies joke with each other while fishing, golfing, and hunting… until one of them takes things too far!

The Jane

The Jane is a short film created and produced by Pig Apple. It was an official selection of the Oscar-Qualifying Cleveland International Film Festival, Dances With Films Festival, as well as a finalist of the USA Film Festival and winner of “Best Screenplay” in the LA Indie Film Festival. It was released in April 2016 by UCB Comedy, and became … Read More

Heads of Space

Heads of Space is one of Pig Apple’s largest project to date. This 13-episode web series was created in partnership with Plop Contenido and Udisea. After a giant asteroid threatens to wipe out life on earth, the 2016 US Presidential candidates blast off for Mars. The series animation was produced by Pig Apple and directed by Mack Williams. Watch all … Read More

Chef’s Table

Trevor Williams wrote and directed this Pig Apple production, a parody of the Netflix series Chef’s Table.

Time Travel

From Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central. Visual effects by Pig Apple.

Meeting Your Future Self

In this epic rom-com-docu-drama, comedian Paul Gale encounters his time-traveling future self. Featuring nifty time portals and visual effects created by Mack Williams.

A Brief History of PG-13

Mack Williams directed and animated this cartoon about the history of the PG-13 rating for Pitchfork/Dell. The short is based on a Dissolve article written by Chris Klimek. For a behind the scenes look at the creation of this cartoon, check out this video.

IFC’s “Modern Dating”

“Modern Dating” is a six-part silent film series created and produced by Pig Apple for IFC. Each episode was written and directed by Trevor Williams.

The Worldwide Bloodstream

Mack Williams and Ed Mundy created the animated Dog Wedding evite for this episode of Comedy Central’s Broad City, and Ed did the VFX screen replacement for the TV and laptop.