Epic Tales From the Barbershop

Password: horatio This web series was co-produced by UCB Comedy and Pig Apple for Schick. Each of the six episodes features an “Epic Tale” from a comedian and animation directed by Ed Mundy.

Jamesport Juices

This 100% all-natural, organic, pure, simple juice commercial was directed and edited by Trevor Williams for UCB Comedy.

Gouda Love

Mack Williams created the visual effects and animated cheese for this bizarre music video about the love between a woman and a giant wheel of gouda. This video was written and produced by The Backyard for UCB Comedy.


Mack Williams created all of the visual effects in the trailer for Catchy, a cinematic thriller about the dangers of today’s pop music. This video was written and produced by The Backyard for UCB Comedy.

Normal Girls

Mack Williams did the visual effects for this musical ode to all the Normal Girls out there. This video was written and produced by The Backyard for UCB Comedy.

Between The Scenes

Ed Mundy directed and created the VFX for this lost scene from Star Wars, for UCB Comedy and Nerdist.


“Toymageddon” is the first single off the upcoming album 2776, which brings comedians and musicians together on a journey through the first millennium of American history. It was animated and directed by Ed Mundy.

Tea Party Baby

Ed Mundy created the VFX (and burned the house down) for this video for College Humor.